Бионическая линза: имплант, который вернет зрение и дарует «сверхспособности»
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Бионическая линза: имплант, который вернет зрение и дарует «сверхспособности»

A lot of fantastic works paint to us pictures of the future, in which the real parts are measured by bionic parts of the body. Sometimes it seems that this will not come to our world soon, but this is not so. So, the Canadian company Ocumetics Technology Corporation is currently conducting clinical trials of the device Bionic Lens, which can replace glasses and contact lenses. And if desired, a bionic lens can be ordered now.

Bionic Lens is a kind of implant, replacing the crystalline lens of the eye. The "installation" of this implant is practically no different from the operation for the installation of an artificial lens, the technique of which is well developed. After implantation, the lens corrects any visual abnormalities not associated with retinal damage. Thus, Bionic Lens is a kind of "dynamic" lens installed inside the eye, able to adjust itself in the event of a change in human vision. This is due to the fact that Bionic Lens is connected to the ciliary muscle, which makes it possible to focus on different distances. It is noteworthy that, as the developers say, the range of focusing is much wider than that of an ordinary lens, and the work of a bionic lens consumes 100 times less energy. That is, the muscle that controls the lens will not practically tire.

But that's not all! Using Bionic Lens, a person can focus the sight on small objects (for example, car number) up to 30 meters without eye strain. And if you start looking at your own finger, then, according to the developers, it will be possible to distinguish the smallest patterns that form fingerprints. In the future, the implant can be modified and, for example, you can display the image on the screen of an external device. As the project manager and inventor of Bionic Lens, Garth Webb, states

"At the moment, the only drawback of the lens is its absence, as it will give huge advantages to its owner. But seriously, the bionic lens is not a panacea in the treatment of eye diseases. She can not get rid of color blindness, myopathy, retinal diseases and eye nerve damage. But here to "owners" of myopia and farsightedness it will help to get rid of glasses and contact lenses without resorting to complicated operations. "

If Bionic Lens successfully passes clinical trials, it will go to the service of surgeons in the next 2 years. The price of the device is also announced: $ 3200 per piece. Expenses for the operation are not included in the cost.



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