#видео | Как не надо сажать многоразовые ракеты — наглядное пособие от Илона Маска
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#видео | Как не надо сажать многоразовые ракеты — наглядное пособие от Илона Маска

SpaceX rockets have been successfully flying into space for a long time, and then they return back, carefully and with minimal damage, descending to specially equipped water platforms. But it was not always so. Success was preceded by years of trials that did not always end well. Ilon Mask, the head of SpaceX company, published in his Instagram a video titled "How not to land an orbital rocket booster", in which unsuccessful launches of rockets Falcon 9.

"How's the rocket? Is she all right? "- asks Ilon Mask in one of the clip fragments, examining a pile of debris left by Falcon 9.

The rockets are gaily burning, exploding in the air and landing at the music of Monty Python. In the video you can see fragments of unsuccessful launches of Falcon 9, which took place since September 2013. The minute video included a hard landing on the ocean surface, the first "soft" landing on the water, the Falcon 9 explosion due to engine failure, a rocket that fell apart after it capsized when landing, and much more.

"The story of how the Falcon 9, a reusable launch vehicle of the orbital class, finally managed to successfully land and not fall apart," the SpaceX chapter responds to the commentary on the video.

Not every manager of a large company will be able to treat his own mistakes with humor and publish such a video, but in SpaceX they can adequately assess not only their successes but also their defeats.



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