Впервые выращена живая костная ткань –
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Впервые выращена живая костная ткань –

For the first time in the history of modern transplantology, scientists managed to grow the most real bone tissue. These successes were achieved by scientists from Scotland and Ireland. According to the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, this can be a real breakthrough in medicine.

Annually millions of people go through the most complicated surgical operations, often requiring the removal of bones. Artificial transplants can come to the rescue, which replace joints and some bones. But in this case, you need to beware of the rejection reaction of the transplant. Another thing is if you use "almost your own" bones for transplantation. And it was precisely this that scientists from the United Kingdom created.

Experts from the University of Glasgow have successfully turned stem cells from human bone marrow into bone cells with the help of the smallest vibrations that provide a thousand "strokes" per second. Bone tissue was grown in a petri dish, using technology originally developed by astrophysicists to detect gravity waves. As a result, it was possible to create three-dimensional samples of mineralized bone.

It should be noted that today, even with minor injuries of bones or joints, patients need to "give away" some of the bone from the hip to create a biotransplant, which is a very painful and extremely risky procedure. Such surgical intervention is often required for elderly patients, as well as for those injured in accidents or injured by other feet (for example, military men who have been blown up by mines).

At the moment experiments on animals have been started, but, as experts have confirmed, clinical studies involving people will begin in three years. Moreover, in 2020, specialists plan to restore the patient's bone with the help of their technology. In the long term, after about 10 years, this technique can enter into broad clinical practice.



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