В Китае обсуждают полный переход на электромобили
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В Китае обсуждают полный переход на электромобили

Not only European and American car manufacturers think about the complete transition from internal combustion engines to electric drives. It seems that the topic has become interesting in the Middle Kingdom. Yesterday, Xin Gobin, deputy minister of industry and IT of China, said that his ministry, together with the leadership of the country, had begun developing a plan that would eventually help to completely abandon the production of cars with ICE.

According to Gobin, the adoption of the decision was not only economic, but also environmental problems. Now for China, the issues of environmental pollution are very acute, so the country's government is trying its best to reduce the amount of air emissions. Most of the air is polluted by harmful industries and cars that run on fuels. Therefore, even in the last year, China started issuing low-interest loans to environmentally friendly transport providers and supporting them in every possible way.

The problem will be discussed with major Chinese automakers, among them the manufacturer of trucks and buses BYD, Geely, a company that owns a number of well-known brands, such as Volvo, and produces cars of its own brands.

Last year, Chinese electric car manufacturers sold almost 400,000 eco-cars, accounting for about forty percent of the demand for electric cars worldwide. In the spring of this year, the government cut state support for manufacturers of electric cars, after which the sales figures fell sharply. This signaled to the country's leadership, which decided to move to more active actions in the field of environmental protection and air pollution.

The official refused to specify the exact terms, noting that the bill is still at the discussion stage, and even after its adoption, cars with internal combustion engines will not disappear overnight either – it will take years.



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