В Лаборатории Касперского спрогнозировали будущее Москвы
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В Лаборатории Касперского спрогнозировали будущее Москвы

The future of Moscow was predicted at Kaspersky Lab – interesting and informative facts on Hi-News.ru






On the eve of the 870th anniversary of the Russian capital, a very interesting forecast appeared on the Kaspersky Lab's website concerning Moscow of the future. Within the framework of the "Earth 2050" project, experts tried to guess what social, cultural and technological changes will take place in Moscow in the next 30 years.

According to one of the forecasts, by the middle of the XXI century global warming will form a new climate in Moscow. The average temperature of the Moscow summer will grow by a degree, but the number of hot days – three times. On this basis, energy consumption for ventilation and air conditioning will inevitably increase. A technological solution to exit the situation may be "climatic domes". The temperature and humidity inside each dome will be regulated separately, and there will be its own microclimate everywhere.

According to another forecast, by 2040 Moscow will finally get rid of traffic jams, which will become possible due to the proliferation of unmanned vehicles, and by 2050 and ground parking, which will expand the carriageways. At the same time, the spread of autonomous transport is fraught with many dangers. For example, vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the "smart city."

At the moment, within the framework of the "Earth 2050" project, about 200 forecasts are presented on the site, and everyone can share their ideas about what the future will look like. In addition to the Kaspersky Lab experts, leading futurists also took part in the discussion of the project. You can get acquainted personally with the "land of the future" or provide your vision right now on the project website .

It is based on the materials of RIA Novosti

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