В Москве показали новую электро-газель
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В Москве показали новую электро-газель

New electro-gazelle was shown in Moscow – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description.






The issue of electric cars is beginning to reflect not only large foreign concerns, but also Russian manufacturers. electric buses and power plants the concern KRET has already set up its own fast charging stations, and the company VolgaBus created unmanned shuttles on electric motors . Last year was also shown a test sample of the electric Lada Vesta and now the turn came and the Russian "GAZ Group", which demonstrated the electro-gazelle at the opening of the exhibition Comtrans 2017.

The car "GAZelle Next" is equipped with an electric power of 90 kW (122 hp), thanks to which the reserve of the new car is about 120 kilometers on one charge. Charging its batteries can from the network with a voltage of 220 and 380 volts. To fully charge the battery, the car needs about three hours, – says the site evmode.

As in previous demonstration versions of electric GAZel, in "GAZelle Next" almost all the electrical stuffing is imported. On the cars of this brand in the past installed engines from the American electric car Dodge EV, released in 2009, later used integrated solutions from other manufacturers. In particular, batteries of the American company EnerDel were used. Nevertheless, the components purchased for the creation of the electric "GAZelle Next" already by the end of the year plan to start replacing with Russian analogues. GAZ, together with its partners, plans to start developing its own batteries before the end of 2017. But it is not specified yet, from whose basic batteries they will be collected. There is a possibility that they are still imported.

The representatives of the company noted that the characteristics of electric cars of this brand significantly improve the characteristics of the machines, and in the future the electric power plant can be used for the serial production of "GAZelle Next", but the specific terms were abandoned. Probably, at first the manufacturer will be guided by certain customers, supplying electric GAZel to the companies-carriers and enterprises.

                  In Moscow, they showed a new electro-gazelle










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