В США одобрили метод лечения рака при помощи генной инженерии –
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В США одобрили метод лечения рака при помощи генной инженерии –

Gene therapy, regardless of the extreme promise in delivering mankind from many diseases, finds a lot of opponents. But it is gratifying that even now, when this method is, in fact, at the beginning of its path, there are those who are not afraid of the future and allow the new technology to prolong the life of people.

Novartis, a pharmaceutical giant, may become one of such pioneers in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA, according to the Associated Press, approved a new type of treatment for leukemia in children, based on mechanisms of genetic engineering

According to the publishing house, a new method of therapy was called CAR-T. Its essence lies in the fact that after a number of modifications, the patient's own blood cells begin to attack cancerous tumors. For this method, researchers select the patient's blood cells, reprogram them to fight the cells of the disease and create millions of copies of them. After this, the cells are returned to the body, where they fight the disease for several months or even years. According to FDA spokesman Scott Gottlieb,

"We are entering a new stage of development in medical innovation with the ability to reprogram our own cells to attack deadly cancer. Treatment with CAR-T will cost 475 thousand dollars, but Novartis Pharmaceuticals, undertakes not to take money from patients. "

It is worth saying that the gene therapy market has every chance of rapid growth in the next decade. The FDA approved the use of gene therapy for patients aged 3 to 25 years suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Many have already dubbed this gesture as "a step in the medicine of the future."



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