В США прошли испытания нового космического корабля
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В США прошли испытания нового космического корабля

In the United States were tested the new spacecraft – news of space and astronautics on Hi-News.ru






On the pages of our website, we already wrote about the American company Sierra Nevada, which is developing the space ship Dream Chaser. And the other day the first details about the tests of this space ship became known.

Recall that the Dream Chaser is a small-sized shuttle and is designed to send cargo to the ISS. The first launch is planned to be carried out on Atlas 5 or Ariane 5 carriers, and docking to the station is carried out using a dock located in the tail section of the ship. The first version of Dream Chaser will be unmanned, but in the future it is planned to create a managed device that can accommodate up to 7 people. Sierra Nevada, the ship manufacturer, together with SpaceX and Orbital ATK in 2016, received a NASA contract for the delivery of cargo to the ISS until 2024, so there is no reason to doubt the prospects of the project. Although it is worth recalling that previously conducted tests failed: landing did not leave the left landing gear, resulting in the ship was seriously damaged.

A series of new tests took place at the US Air Force Base Edwards, California. During the first flight, the truck was lifted into the air by a helicopter, and then the ship successfully completed an independent descent. The next stage of the Dream Chaser tests is scheduled for October 2017, and full-scale operation will take place in 2020.

                  New spacecraft tested in the USA










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