В Hyperloop One отобрали лучшие регионы для прокладки линий
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В Hyperloop One отобрали лучшие регионы для прокладки линий

Hyperloop One selected the best regions for laying the lines – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru [1945904]






The Global Challenge competition allowed any city and country to submit an application for possible construction of a new transport line. Employees Hyperloop One carefully reviewed the submitted applications, and then selected from all regions the most promising. So far, ten places have been selected, in which it will be most profitable for the company to begin construction. In the summer, the company already selected good places for laying lines in Europe and the US, but now presented the final list of the most likely candidates.

Among them were the countries of North America, India and the United Kingdom.
Of the ten most likely areas considered by the company, four are in the United States. The longest route of 1,030 kilometers can be laid through Dallas, Houston and Laredo – thus the transport line will cover approximately 18 million of the country's population. The other routes are more modest in length, but they will solve the problem of passenger transportation in difficult and hard-to-reach areas of the country.

Developers interested in India – they outlined two routes, one of which will connect Mumbai and Chennai, the second one goes from Banalor to Chennai. These two transport branches will cover about thirty million people in the country and promise the greatest density of passengers. Two more branches are located in the UK, and in Canada and Mexico Hyperloop One has chosen one line.

Of the ten candidates, the company's specialists will select only one route, which is best suited for the construction of the first vacuum highway Hyperloop One, and then begin negotiations and preparations for construction.

                  Hyperloop One selected the best regions for laying lines










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