Грузовой корабль Dragon вернулся с МКС на Землю
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Грузовой корабль Dragon вернулся с МКС на Землю

The cargo ship Dragon returned from the ISS to Earth – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru






Dragon cargo ship, owned by SpaceX company, successfully returned to Earth after a month spent at the International Space Station. According to the information posted on the TwitterX tweet, from the ISS the ship undocked at 11.47 Moscow time and began preparations for a decrease. At 17.20 Moscow time the ship entered the atmosphere, and then landed. In SpaceX confirmed that the twelfth mission of the truck was successfully completed.

The cargo ship arrived at the ISS with three tons of cargo on board in mid-August 2017, and delivered food, essentials, equipment and materials for experiments to the station. Among other things, a new supercomputer and laboratory mice were brought aboard the ISS to take part in an experiment to level out the negative impact of gravity on human vision. In addition, thanks to the cargo arriving at the ISS, the cosmonauts will conduct an experiment to grow lung tissue in orbit. The cargo was delivered to the nanosatellite equipped with a telescope – with its help, scientists will be able to study the Earth from near-earth orbit.

Dragon is the only ship capable of delivering cargoes to the ISS, and then returning with payload back to Earth.

                  Freight ship Dragon returned from the ISS to Earth










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