Илон Маск показал скафандр SpaceX в полный рост
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Илон Маск показал скафандр SpaceX в полный рост

Two weeks ago, Ilon Mask demonstrated for the first time to the public how the space suit will look like, intended for future cosmonauts and Martian colonizers. At that time, the astronaut was seen on belt which allowed in detail to consider the design of a toned helmet, costume decoration elements and safety belts, which passengers of the ship will be fastened to the seats. And today the head of SpaceX laid out the entire costume on the Net.

Now you can see how one of the crew members will look in their full vestments. The astronaut is depicted on the background of the passenger capsule of the spaceship Dragon.

In the photo published by the chapter SpaceX in Instagram, you can see the design of shoes and gloves. In addition, it can be seen that the bends on the knees are equipped with soft inserts, the purpose of which is probably to protect the joints of future astronauts from damage. Probably, the back of the suit will be completely black. Most likely, there are also sewn soft inserts, which will allow owners to more comfortably carry flights.

Judging by the appearance of this light, but very stylish spacesuit, we can assume that it is not suitable for work in open space or on the surface of Mars. But in it it will be possible to make flights on the spaceship Dragon and move from the capsule of the ship to the ISS, for example.



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