Искусственный интеллект выявит пациентов-симулянтов –
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Искусственный интеллект выявит пациентов-симулянтов –

Artificial intelligence will identify patients-simulators –






Very many medications should be prescribed strictly according to the prescription of the doctor. With a long examination and writing prescription for medicines. In this case, a number of pathologies, such as pain, can be simulated and some people succeed. To help doctors come to the artificial intelligence, which can not only calculate the impostors, but also provide additional tools for diagnosis.

As the newspaper The Daily Mail reports, a group of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh has created an artificial intelligence system that is able to estimate the strength of pain sensations using special algorithms. AI "trained" with the help of a huge number of video fragments with faces of people experiencing very different pains from insignificant to intolerable. In addition, the machine also studied the behavior of the simulators and actors, who depicted (sometimes very naturally) attacks of pain.

As a result, by changes in facial expression, artificial intelligence has learned to recognize even the most minor external manifestations of pain. As an example, the authors cite muscular movements in the nose and mouth, which almost with 100% probability speak of the presence of pain and the "right" movement which is very difficult to simulate. As stated by one of the authors of the development of Dr. Jeffrey Cohn,

"This is an extremely convenient system. People feel and express pain in different ways. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult for doctors to understand how bad a person is. We are thinking about moving the system "into the cloud" and releasing it as a mobile application, but for now we need to finish work on the "big" version. "

                  Artificial intelligence will identify patients-simulators










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