Как купить флагманский смартфон по цене бюджетного? –
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Как купить флагманский смартфон по цене бюджетного? –

How to buy a flagship smartphone at a low price? –




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August 28 in China, a festival dedicated to the Local Day of all lovers, and as usual, online stores timed to this holiday sale. This time, you have the opportunity at an incredibly low price to purchase the flagship smartphone OUKITEL K3, designed for successful business people.

OUKITEL K3 has a stylish classic design and has everything that a smartphone should have in 2017. This is the FHD-display from Sharp, and the eight-core processor, and a capacious battery for 6000 mAh. But the most important feature of the device is that it has already four cameras: two in front and two in back.

So what is the price of this miracle of technology? The usual price of OUKITEL K3 is 179.99 dollars, but within the sale it will decrease by as much as 40 dollars and will equal only $ 13.99. In addition, buyers of the smartphone will also receive an additional coupon with a discount of $ 20 for the following purchases.

Such special conditions are offered in the online store Banggood where the sale will last from August 28 to September 7. Also, the sale of OUKITEL is also taking place in the online store Aliexpress, where the discounts can be purchased OUKITEL K10000 PRO K6000 Plus and other smartphones.

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