Как сделать лекарства от гриппа эффективнее? –
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Как сделать лекарства от гриппа эффективнее? –

How to make flu medication more effective? –






One of the main problems of the effective action of drugs is that while they "travel" through the body, some of the substances are simply destroyed by our protective system. In addition, drugs are often toxic and cause little harm. For a long time, the development of the targeted delivery (ie, directly to the site of the lesion) of drug delivery has been ongoing. But what if the disease is spread throughout the body, as it happens in viral diseases? The solution was found by domestic scientists.

Experts from the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Academician IP Pavlov are in charge of the development in collaboration with the School of Engineering Science and Materials Science of the University of London, Queen Mary (UK) and the Institute of Influenza of the Russian Ministry of Health. The joint invention is a micro container for medicinal substances. Thanks to this method, the disintegration of the therapeutic substance is virtually eliminated, and the effect of the medicine becomes much more effective, which can significantly reduce the seasonal morbidity.

In this case, the drug has a very convenient form for use: it is injected into the nasal cavity in the form of a spray, and then the microcapsules are distributed along the nasopharynx and enter the lungs. According to scientists, ordinary substances are active in the human body for not more than an hour, after which they are destroyed. Microcapsules gradually release the drug, so that the drug remains active for a day. As told in an interview with the RIA-Novosti portal, the junior researcher of the laboratory of new medicinal forms of the RASA Center on the basis of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Alexander Timin,

"The containers themselves consist of polysaccharides and polypeptides. These are biodegradable polymers that do not harm the body at all.
Small interfering RNAs that can suppress the H1N1 influenza virus are placed in microcontainers. Due to the extremely high capacity of the microcapsules, the activity of the influenza virus genes is ensured by RNA interference and thus the viral load is reduced. "

Preclinical testing of technology on animals is now underway. Thanks to the new universal platform, it will be possible to create a complex drug that exerts an antiviral effect against several strains of influenza and even other respiratory viruses.

                  How to make flu medication more effective?










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