Канадцы разработали универсальную систему беспилотного вождения
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Канадцы разработали универсальную систему беспилотного вождения

Canadians developed a universal system of unmanned driving – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru Location [






The Canadian company Magna International, specializing in the production of auto parts, said that its engineers have created an unmanned driving system that does not need external lidars and a bulky body kit on the car's body. The development of Canadian specialists assumes the availability of necessary equipment, but, unlike other solutions, Max4 – so called their autopilot – can be fully integrated into the body of the machine. Such an approach will help not only to maintain the presentable appearance of the car, but also to protect expensive equipment. In addition, the development is suitable for a number of vehicles.

The components of the unmanned system have already been developed, tested and ready for operation. Reuters reports that engineers will install the new autopilot independently and to order. The Max4 autonomous driving system will allow the driver to decide independently when there is a need. Therefore, the owner of the car can, at will, turn on and off the autopilot with a single button located on the dashboard.

Autopilots are developed by specialists of different companies, but more often they are already pre-installed in the car – this is the company Tesla. But many people do not like this approach, so other companies try to work in another direction, creating universal unmanned driving systems, which can be equipped with any car, regardless of brand and year of production.

                  Canadians have developed a universal system of unmanned driving










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