Китайская госкорпорация начала разработку собственного Hyperloop
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Китайская госкорпорация начала разработку собственного Hyperloop

The Chinese state corporation began developing its own Hyperloop – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru






The Chinese decided to keep up with colleagues from other countries and announced the construction of their own line Hyperloop. According to information received by correspondents China Daily CASIC corporation (Сhina Aerospace Science and Industry Corp) will build its own transport system, which has already started to develop the project and is currently preparing the necessary documentation.

CASIC, an aerospace corporation, has become the world's third company to announce plans for the construction of Hyperloop, and will develop its own vacuum train, regardless of the two American competitors. So far, there is almost no information on the future project, but CASIC engineers have a solid experience accumulated during various space, aviation and other projects. This is what, according to the company's representatives, should help them cope with the task.

Hyperloop, created by a Chinese corporation, will be a line of vacuum tunnels laid on the surface and under the ground. It is planned that passenger and cargo capsules will move inside the pipe at a speed of up to 1000 kilometers per hour.

                  The Chinese state corporation started developing its own Hyperloop










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