Компания Rolls-Royce создаст беспилотный военный корабль
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Компания Rolls-Royce создаст беспилотный военный корабль

The Rolls-Royce company will create an unmanned military ship – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru






The name of the company Rolls-Royce is most often associated with us fabulously expensive cars for billionaires. The famous British manufacturer of cars, engines for ships and airplanes and power equipment, founded in 1906, today has a capitalization of more than 10 billion pounds sterling. The company's management recently announced plans to create a unique unmanned ship equipped with the latest technology.

The 60-meter ship will be able to accelerate to a maximum speed of 25 knots (46 km / h), swim at times to 3,500 nautical miles and carry out important (including military) missions lasting up to 100 days, including patrolling, harassment, tracking, searching for mines and so on. The propulsion system includes two generators Rolls-Royce MTU 4000 and provides the ship with 4 megawatts of electricity. The array of solar panels is capable of feeding batteries for a long time.

The vessel is equipped with a huge number of modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, a small army of unmanned drones, as well as an array of various sensors necessary for the orientation of the spacecraft. The ship will be able to independently detect other vessels and, if the combat mission demands it, avoid meeting them. Special equipment will allow the ship to detect even enemy deepwater submarines

The creators of the future ship are confident that unmanned ships are unlikely to replace a ship under the control of people in the near future. But they can be fully implemented in the navy, thereby seriously saving on the management of the ship, as well as reducing the risks associated with the human factor. While the ship is no longer aware of anything, but the company Rolls-Royce promises to disclose more details in the coming months.

                  Rolls-Royce will create an unmanned war ship










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