Купи смартфон и получи беспроводную гарнитуру в подарок –
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Купи смартфон и получи беспроводную гарнитуру в подарок –

The new frameless smartphone ELEPHONE S8 is already on its way to the first customers, and the manufacturer decided to mark the start of sales with another attractive action. If you order this unit before the end of this calendar week, you can count on not only a discount, but also a valuable gift.

As part of the campaign, which will be held from 4 to 11 September, ELEPHONE S8 will be sold at a special price – $ 239.99, which is $ 40 lower than the standard price. In addition, if you make an order one of the first, you will get a cool wireless headset as a gift! We advise you to hurry, as the number of gifts is limited.

The uniqueness of the ELEPHONE S8 is that it is the world's first full-screen phone with a 2K display. Although the diagonal of the screen is 6 inches, the device is still comfortable to hold in hands thanks to virtually missing frames.

It is also the first smartphone in the world, whose fingerprint scanner works so fast that it can unlock the screen in just 0.1 seconds. In simpler terms, we can say that the smartphone is unlocked instantly.

If you decide to become the owner of ELEPHONE S8 and buy the device at a special price, and even get a free wireless headset – we advise you to hurry. Order for the goods can be made by the link below.




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