Маск: Разработки Китая и России в области ИИ могут спровоцировать Третью мировую
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Маск: Разработки Китая и России в области ИИ могут спровоцировать Третью мировую

On September 1, 2017, Vladimir Putin visited Yaroslavl, where he took part in the professional navigation forum "Projector", which took place from the first to the fourth of September. During the conversation with the students, the president answered their questions and touched upon a number of important topics, including his own attitude to artificial intelligence. The president's citation was sounded by the RT television channel, after which he drew the attention of not only the foreign press, but also the head of SpaceX Ilona Mask.

Putin suggested that a country that achieved leadership in this area could "become the ruler of the world" and noted that he personally would not like very much that AI become a monopoly in someone's specific hands, but promised that if Russia succeeds considerable progress in this field, it will be happy to share its developments in this area with other countries, as it already does in other areas of science and technology.

"Artificial intelligence is the future not only of Russia, it is the future of all mankind. There are colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to forecast today. But in order not to stand at the end of the line, it is necessary to work on this already today, "- quotes the President of TASS.

The head of SpaceX and Tesla, Ilon Mask, published on his Twitter account a link to the article The Verge, dedicated to Putin's conversation with students, and in a commentary on the tweet noted that the technological race in development AI at the national level can cause the Third World War. In the message, he mentioned China, Russia and other countries with serious achievements in the field of high technology.

Earlier, Ilon Mask prepared an appeal to the UN, which called for the development of methods for regulating the development and use of combat robots and AI, as they, in his opinion, could become a serious threat to peace in the future . He argued his position by owning the non-profit organization OpenAI, which is developing a friendly and open artificial intelligence, and therefore has an idea of ​​the subject of the conversation. The petition The mask was then signed by the heads of various technology companies, but many analysts and scientists were skeptical of warning the head of SpaceX, noting that he was distracting the government and developers from much more important tasks.

Subscribers of Mask also divided in opinions. Many supported him, but some doubted that Russia possessed a sufficient level of knowledge in the field of AI, noting that if anyone achieves leadership, then certainly not Russia, but China. Some did not begin to perceive the tweet Mask seriously and began to post gyfki from the Terminator and throw links to the Russian robot Fedor, who learned to shoot with two hands.

Ilona's position The mask is understandable, because predicting the influence of AI on our life in the future is quite difficult, so his fears are to some extent justified. Even the most peaceful and necessary developments can be turned into a formidable weapon that threatens all of humanity.



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