Обзор Lightning-версии наушников 1More Triple Driver Hybrid
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Обзор Lightning-версии наушников 1More Triple Driver Hybrid

Few events in the history of smartphone building caused so much discussion as Apple's decision to remove the 3.5-mm headphone jack. The flow of criticism, mostly coming from those who never bought and is not going to buy smartphones of the company, was huge, but in fact this decision gave rise to a number of good products, such as headphones, which were the subject of today's review.

1More company has long established itself as a developer of very effective and effective products, produced under its own brand, and as OEM for other companies (the most famous, perhaps, their models developed for Xiaomi). But is it any wonder that the best models still 1More produces under its own name? Their three-driver hybrids have gained considerable popularity among connoisseurs of neutral and natural filing. Therefore, the company decided to release this model, equipping it with a Lightning-connector for iOS. Everything else the new model inherited from its predecessors: design, design, sound and even price: to buy these headphones from the official distributor 1More can only for 6500 rubles. If I remember correctly, the same model cost the same at the start of sales.

Technical specifications

  • Radiators: dynamic + 2 × with a balanced armature
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • The length of the cable: 1,25 m
  • Connector: Lightning
  • Weight: 24 g

Package and delivery set

The box is made with excellent taste – an unusual beige color scheme is used, inside the package is decorated with stylish drawings reminiscent of the drafts of Da Vinci. In addition to the headphones themselves, the box contains a cover and 8 pairs of replaceable nozzles (5 pairs of silicone and 3 pairs of foam), each different in size. The nozzles are packed in a separate box, in which the diameter of each pair is written in millimeters. This concern of the manufacturer allows you to choose the right option for owners of any ears. Also put in the kit and a convenient hard case with a magnetic valve, designed to protect your headphones from the hardships of the world around them.

Design and wearing comfort

Of course, designers' efforts of the developers did not bypass the headphones themselves. The aluminum case is made in the form of a truncated cone with angled sound ducts. This design allows you to make the headphones minimal in size, but at the same time place a sufficiently large dynamic radiator inside. The build quality of the model is the maximum, there are not the slightest flaws or shortcomings.

These three-drivers are available in two colors: classic brown-golden, familiar by model with the usual "jack", and gray-silver for fans of a more restrained design.

The wire in these headphones is not replaceable, but the developers tried to make it as reliable as possible. The cable is made in fabric braiding and is reinforced with Kevlar, so it is able to survive even a fairly tough treatment (although, of course, you try, you can ruin everything). Provided and protection from fractures, in the headphones themselves, it is generally made in the form of a long metal "leg", in other places – made of plastic.

The developers have tried to squeeze the maximum out of the Lightning-connection. First, the headphones are equipped with a fairly stylish remote control with a five-position stick, allowing you to control playback and answer calls. The quality of voice transmission using the headset microphone has improved (I do not know whether it's a merit of a digital connection or just a microphone changed). Secondly, 1More developed a companion application for their models, which is installed when headphones are connected. From its functions I note the possibility of updating the firmware of the headphones and the "heater" – a noise player with a 12-hour timer. In this case, the application remembers the headphones and how much they "warmed up".


To listen to headphones used iPhone 6+ with a staff player iOS and Onkyo HF Player. Before listening, the headphones were warmed for 48 hours.

Hybrid headphones are famous for the ability to "take the best" from both types of radiators used in headphones – the powerful and powerful bass of the dynamic driver is combined in them with the resolution and microdynamics of the radiator with a balanced armature, and the competent tuning, conducted by the developers of 1More, allowed these advantages to unfold in full measure.

The Lightning-version of headphones maintains a similarity with the usual option for a neutral feed, close to the monitor, but still not turning into a neutral-boring one.

Expected for the hybrid model LF here dense and have a good elasticity, although, of course, the reinforcement speed and dryness is not here. Nevertheless, the resolution of the bass is good for this price category and the study of textures – pleases hearing. Deep bass here is not so much (which, perhaps, for the better), the main emphasis is still on the middle of the low-frequency range. The control of the bass is very good, it does not muffle the midrange, although the "junction" of the frequency bands sometimes manifests itself, but this is only visible on certain rare tracks.

The midrange was tuned in accordance with the peculiarities of human perception of sound, a small dip was made in the 1 kHz region, and an increase from 2 to 4 kHz. By ear it is perceived as a "spectacular" and "emotional" sound, and it is this additive that does not allow these headphones to turn into dry neutral "monitors". In general, the "middle" is very detailed, but not razor-sharp, as is the case with "armatures", so the headphones are sufficiently tolerant to the quality of the material. The imaginary scene is more than average in width and somewhere a little less than the average in depth, the separation of plans is good, but sometimes you can find fault with the transfer of tool sizes, the headphones slightly reduce them.

The RFs have a failure somewhere up to 8 kHz, which makes it possible to achieve quite good sound comfort, while thanks to the 9 kHz rise in the headphones do not sound dull. Thus, HF here are balanced so as to satisfy all, except for very explicit HF fobs and HF-Filov.

Comparisons this time I will not paint, nevertheless headphones with Lightning – a piece specific, and connect them to the reference source will not work. However, the Internet is full of reviews of the regular version, in which there are comparisons.


Since I had the usual version of these headphones at hand, I was able to compare two connection options in blind tests. The Lightning variant sounds more detailed on the HF and the track is more collected on the LF, although the more massive LFs of the regular version may like more. So the statement about the benefits of using the chip in the headphones to convert the numbers into analogs better than those set in the iPhone itself – is not groundless.

Genre headphones are more or less universal, of course, adjusted for the price segment. Sensitivity to the quality of records is about 7 points on a 10-point scale.

Traditionally, several tracks in the role of example

Threshold – Trust the Process . For many years this group has been working hard to create "pro-metal with a human face." Combining amazing technicality with equally surprising melodies, Threshold constantly keeps the bar at a high level. Their freshly released album was no exception and in good headphones offers a real triumph of melody.

Hiromi Uehara – Temptation . A lot of people do not understand "real" jazz and do not appreciate it, although, in my opinion, it's impossible to consider yourself a music lover completely ignoring this huge layer of music. Fortunately for many, there is an adapted version of jazz and Hiromi – his bright representative. Her music is not so avant-garde and unusual to cause rejection, but it is not boring as melodies playing in elevators and on the verandas of summer cafes. With 1More headphones, this track will leave happy and connoisseurs of complexity, and those who love that music "does not strain" (although what is the second group doing here?).

Mighty Mo Rodgers – The Boy who Stole the Blues . A wonderful track, wandering through many collections of "audiophile music," there is a beautiful guitar, and soulful vocals, and a decent recording quality. Perhaps, I will not even particularly advertise this track, just take good headphones that do not greatly adorn the sound, and see for yourself.


Three-driver hybrids 1More were and remain a very good option for connoisseurs of high-quality sound, and Lightning-version adds convenience to iPhone users. The company continues to prove that they can create interesting headphones, and I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with their 4-driver model.



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