Патент Tesla раскрыл принцип монтажа солнечных крыш
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Патент Tesla раскрыл принцип монтажа солнечных крыш

Tesla patent disclosed the principle of installing solar roofs – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru






The head of the company Ilon Mask has already drawn the attention of investors and potential buyers to the fact that the new tile produced by Tesla is a high-tech development with a lot of innovations, but did not disclose details. Now, thanks to the publication of the patent application, everything became much clearer .

The patent was filed by Solar City in the spring of last year, about then Ilon Mask started talking about its merger with Tesla. Apparently, having got acquainted with the idea, he decided to unite the efforts of the two producers. Now, when the rights to the patent belong to the company Tesla, and the roofs have already begun to be mounted on the homes of some employees, it became possible to familiarize themselves with the construction of the roof tiles.

Separate solar roof elements are attached to each other by "ladder" with a special conductive adhesive that reacts to heat. This allows not only fast fastening one to the other without the use of wires, but also to replace the failed modules. In addition, the simplicity of design significantly reduces the cost of production and installation. However, whether the fixing method is currently used is unknown, since more than a year has passed since the patent was filed, which means that the engineers of both companies could make a number of changes to the design.

                  Tesla patent discloses the principle of installing solar roofs










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