Первый дом в Европе напечатают принтером из Ярославля
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Первый дом в Европе напечатают принтером из Ярославля

The Danish company 3D Printhuset announced that it will print its first house in Europe using a construction machine developed by the Yaroslavl company SPETSAVIA . The decision to use a 3D printer of Russian production for construction is due to the fact that the company produces the best in terms of price-performance ratio. Analogs, according to the developers, their equipment does not have, therefore, Russian 3D construction printers have become interested in Europe.

The first building printed by specialists from 3D Printhuset will be a small office hotel with an area of ​​50 square meters. A printed building will be erected in Copenhagen next to the port, so the first printed building in Europe will be able to inspect not only the owners of yachts, but also tourists. Attempts to print the building were made in Europe and earlier, but this hotel will be the first house created by the method of construction 3D printing in compliance with all EU building codes. Specialists of 3D Printhuset report that they plan to build such houses further, working to order, because the necessary equipment is already available at their disposal.

The printer's working area is 8 x 8 x 6 meters, and it prints with the usual composition based on M 300-500 cement. The unpretentious apparatus is equipped with a new head that prints in layers with a height of 20 mm and a width of 50 to 70 mm.

The SPETSAVIA Group of companies has been developing computerized control systems since 2009. Four years later, her specialists noticed that there is growing interest in 3D printing in general and in 3D construction printing in particular, that's why they decided to start developing devices capable of creating residential buildings. The result of the work was a line of portal building devices of various formats, capable of printing both small architectural forms, and producing entire buildings on the foundation.



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