Распродажа смартфонов, которую нельзя пропустить –
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Распродажа смартфонов, которую нельзя пропустить –

We love Chinese manufacturers not only for low prices, but also for the fact that from time to time these prices become even lower. For example, this week OUKITEL company begins pre-sale of its new smartphone in the online store Gearbest and to avoid trifling, decided on this occasion to reduce prices for other products.

In particular, within the framework of the campaign, which will be held from August 29 to September 5, prices will be reduced by 10 smartphones. The cheapest of them within a limited period will cost $ 59.99, while the price of the most expensive flagship will be $ 179.99.

To understand the scale of generosity, we present a table with a complete list of smartphones participating in the stock and the amounts that you can save. It's tempting, is not it?

If you carefully read the second paragraph, then you realized that the sale has already started a long time ago, and you have only two days to be able to buy excellent smartphones at incredibly low prices. We suggest to hurry and go through this link otherwise there is a risk of being late.



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