Робот исполнил роль дирижёра симфонического оркестра
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Робот исполнил роль дирижёра симфонического оркестра

The robot performed the role of the conductor of the symphony orchestra – technological fun and entertainment, new trends on Hi-News.ru [1945902]






And where only you will not meet robots today. They serve passengers at airports, look after the elderly, fry cutlets for burgers, work as couriers and even descend into the depths of the oceans. But what about the robot conductor, capable of managing the whole symphony orchestra? The Verdi Theater, located in the Italian city of Pisa, hosted such a concert. And the robot YuMi, developed by the Swiss company ABB, guided the performance.

More than 800 spectators from different countries came to this unusual performance. Still, not every day on the stage of the famous theater next to the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli waving a two-armed car with a conductor's stick. The concert program was called "The Breath of Hope: from Stradivarius to Robots" and already with one of its names intrigued the audience. Among the guests was the director of the company ABB, who created the robot YuMi.

Swiss engineers are very proud of their brainchild, because its manipulators are very precise, and their movements are smooth enough and quick for the conductor to behave exactly as in the hands of a real conductor. Initially, YuMi was designed as an industrial robot of a new generation, but at some point the developers realized that it was capable of something more. Maestro Bocelli after the concert enthusiastically responded about his impressions:

"It was very fun to perform on the same stage with a robot. I realized for myself that the robot can be trusted with the work of a conductor. I penetrated with deep respect to those engineers who put their hand to this. My sincere congratulations to this team! "

You can see the fragments of the robot-conductor's performance in the video just below.

                  The robot performed the role of the conductor of the symphony orchestra










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