Создана биоразлагаемая и экологичная электроника
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Создана биоразлагаемая и экологичная электроника

Meteorological probes, beacons that track the movement of animals, and other important and necessary devices are of great benefit to mankind, allowing us to explore the surrounding world, but eventually these same devices become unusable, turning from useful gadgets into garbage polluting our already not a very clean planet. One of the solutions to the problem may be biodegradable electronics, the creation of which is currently being developed by an international group of American and Chinese scientists.

They have already been able to manufacture several electronic devices that begin to decompose on contact with air of a certain humidity. Transistors, capacitors and even boards work properly, but as soon as the air humidity reaches a critical level, they immediately begin to decompose, and in just four days almost completely disappear, reports Xinhua news agency.

The electronic components are covered with a special polymer that reacts to moist air – it starts to decompose in the first place, then the electronic elements themselves start to rust and disappear almost completely after 36 hours. After four days, they remain barely noticeable pieces. The main feature of the development is the ability to regulate the service life of devices, changing the composition of the moisture-reactive polymer.

According to the authors of the development, such devices can be used not only to create eco-friendly scientific instruments, but also for the production of medical or spy equipment.



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