Создана система кондиционирования, работающая без электричества
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Создана система кондиционирования, работающая без электричества

In the hot season many of us use air conditioners. And despite the fact that the summer has already passed, scientists from Stanford University presented a high-tech optical surface on the basis of which an air conditioning system was created that does not require electricity for its work.

Water is used as the heat carrier, which passes through heat exchangers placed under a special optical surface. This surface reflects about 97% of the energy of the sun's rays incident on it, while simultaneously dissipating the thermal energy transferred by the water to the environment. The already conducted tests of the system of such "passive cooling" have shown that water in this way is cooled to a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature, which is enough for good conditioning.

Having obtained such indicators, scientists developed a mathematical model of a conditional building, which showed that using this air-conditioning system, energy savings due to the passive cooling system could reach 14.3 MWh during one summer month. It is worth saying that the mathematical model calculated the consumption of electricity for a building located in one of the hottest climatic zones – in Las Vegas.

The device of a new cooling system

Currently, scientists at Stanford University have founded SkyCool Systems, which will continue to improve technology and its implementation. Such a system of passive conditioning can really be in demand, because, according to official data, by 2050 the total amount spent for air conditioning energy will increase by about 10 times. So, the 20% savings in electricity that were revealed during the tests will make a significant contribution not only from the financial side, but also from the environmental side.



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