Тест батареи, который выдержит не каждый смартфон –
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Тест батареи, который выдержит не каждый смартфон –

# video | A battery test that not every smartphone can withstand –




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The "neusyvaemy" smartphone OUKITEL K10000 MAX has already managed to pass through all possible tests: it was dropped, poured with water-based paint, thrown into a waterfall and carried out other actions, from which another device would long ago have already ordered to live long. But the manufacturer claims that the K10000 MAX has a powerful battery, and it's time to test it.

The laboratory staff decided to check whether the battery of this smartphone, which has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, provides a long period of battery life and is optimized for the most slow discharge. As in previous times, the test was the most ruthless and uncompromising.

When the camcorder was switched on for recording, the experts began actively torturing K10000 MAX: they played for 30 minutes in MOBA King of Glory, took a 30-minute video, talked for 30 minutes via voice communication via Wechat, watched the movie in FullHD for 30 minutes, listened to music for 30 minutes on Google Play Music and watched through the Internet a half-hour cartoon. At the same time, the volume of the speaker and the brightness of the screen were turned on full.

As a result, after three hours of merciless use, the battery charge was reduced by only 5%. Therefore, this phone can be safely recommended to those who want to have a smartphone that will live on one charge for several days. The K10000 MAX is on sale on September 12, but as part of the global promotion, you can buy it for $ 50 cheaper: for $ 199.99 instead of $ 249.99. Details on the official product page .

                  # video | A battery test that not every smartphone can withstand










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