У автомобилей Jaguar появится «умный» руль
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У автомобилей Jaguar появится «умный» руль

The smooth transition from conventional cars to autonomous sets new challenges for engineers from different companies. Developers have to develop new solutions that can harmoniously fit into the concept of self-managed transport, so they offer all new solutions relating to the principles of interaction between owners and their own personal transport. So, the company Jaguar introduced the concept of a personal removable steering wheel for cars.

The new device, called Sayer, and the usual general helm is quite small. Rather, the device will be something in between a manipulator and a virtual assistant like Siri or Cortana. Since the details of the development, in Jaguar have not yet been reported, it remains only to guess about his appointment and wait for the official press release. Now engineers note that Sayer will be able to become for the driver "an indispensable assistant" with an artificial intelligence capable of performing hundreds of tasks.

"In theory, as we see it, the owner, for example, can inform the helm that he has a meeting for tomorrow, and a smart gadget will independently drive the car and drive him to the porch half an hour before the master named time, "writes New Atlas .

The control is named after Malcolm Sayer, the designer of Jaguar, who worked for the company from 1951 to 1970. For almost 20 years of his work, he made an invaluable contribution to the development of the cars of the brand, in many ways defining the future vector of the company's development.

The developers noted that Sayer can be seen at the Land Rover Tech Fest, which opens in London on September 8, 2017. In the same place, most likely, it will be possible to test some of its functions.



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