Что будет с биткоином в 2020 году?
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Что будет с биткоином в 2020 году?

Almost exactly a year ago for one bitkoyn gave about 580 dollars. Add the word "just" hand does not turn, because such a course against the US dollar can not boast any currency in the world. Now this crypto currency is trading close to 5,000 dollars: but will there be a limit?

As the publication "Two Bitcoins" writes, in the next few years the cost of bitcoin will only grow and by the end of 2020 will amount to 15-20 thousand dollars. The portal provides relevant information with reference to the statement of analyst Ronnie Moss. The latter has repeatedly been characterized by accurate forecasts for leading crypto-currencies, including the etherium and Ripple.

A couple of days ago, bitcoi capitalization has already approached $ 80 billion – almost 40% of the capitalization of one of the leading Visa payment systems. Therefore, it is not necessary to doubt the forecasts of experts: the number of transactions grows with every minute, and the number of bitcuns increases by 1728 units per day.

The portal "Two bitkoyna", which is one of the leading sites about bitkoyns, altkokans, mining and crypto-currencies in Russia, was created by Hi-News.ru partners as a site where it is always possible to learn the latest trends in the field of crypto-currency, in the subject. So, for example, the editorial staff recently ordered ASIC (a specialized device for mining), after which, in detail she told about her experience and all the "pitfalls" that may arise when buying such a device. In addition, the authors talk about other mining methods and alternatives, so if you are new to this area, you can find there everything you need. Well, the courses of all major crypto-currencies, of course, are always available.

Since we on Hi-News.ru can not always cover all events from the world of crypto-currencies, "Two Bitcoins" can be an excellent addition to our site. But this is actually another world – it's enough to read at least a couple of articles on the site to make sure of it and plunge into it with your head.



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