AREE: космический аппарат для исследования поверхности Венеры
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AREE: космический аппарат для исследования поверхности Венеры

AREE: spacecraft for exploring the surface of Venus – news of space and cosmonautics on Hi-News.ru






Within the framework of the recently held Innovative Advanced Concepts conference, the US aerospace agency NASA presented a number of interesting developments and projects, one of which turned out to be a very curious rover model for exploring the surface of Venus.

The model was named AREE – Automaton Rover for Extreme Environments and developed by experts from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory). The design of the Venusian apparatus can withstand a temperature of up to 450 degrees Celsius and a pressure that is 90 times greater than the terrestrial one. At the same time, the design of the AREE device uses unfavorable conditions for its own purposes: energy is generated by wind currents, and the onboard computer can withstand even such harsh operating conditions. The transmission of information is carried out by the Morse code with the help of a mobile manipulator with a mirror reflector, and the balloons located in the upper layers of the atmosphere of the second planet from the Sun act as repeaters. They transmit the signal to the orbital station, and already the station – to Earth. It is noteworthy that the Dutchman Theo Jansen, known for creating sculptures reminiscent of skeletons of animals that can move under the influence of wind along sandy beaches, took part in the development of AREE

The Venusian rover has many similarities to Theo's features. For example, manipulators. According to researchers, manipulators were created personally by Mr. Jansen. Their length and additional nodes will allow the AREE apparatus to move along the rough surface of Venus and get up on its feet after a fall. On top of the device is installed protection from a special material capable of withstanding the strong winds of Venus. For more information about the AREE device, please see the video below.

                  AREE: a spacecraft for studying the surface of Venus










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