Dell открывает предзаказ гарнитуры Visor VR
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Dell открывает предзаказ гарнитуры Visor VR

Dell opens the pre-order headset Visor VR – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description.






At the end of August, Dell introduced its virtual reality headset Visor VR and announced that it will begin selling gadgets in October. Yesterday, Dell announced the beginning of the collection of pre-orders for its device for the Windows Mixed Reality platform from Microsoft.

Visor VR resolution is 1440 pixels at 1140 pixels per lens, the device is equipped with a 2.9-inch liquid crystal display. The headset's viewing angle is 110 degrees, the refresh rate is 90 Hz.

Several models of computers released by Dell are already compatible with the new headset – among them Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming and some other PCs from the game line of the manufacturer.

The Dell headset differs from other devices of this plan in that it can work not only with virtual, but also augmented reality. This brings it together with the HoloLens headset from Microsoft. Projects with AR Dell has not yet shown, but promises that they will appear in the future.

The base kit will cost $ 350, and a set with two touch controllers will cost a hundred dollars more. Official sales of the headset will start on October 17.

                  Dell opens the pre-order headset Visor VR










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