LEGO анонсировала модель «Тысячелетнего сокола» за 800 долларов
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LEGO анонсировала модель «Тысячелетнего сокола» за 800 долларов

LEGO announces the Millennium Falcon model for $ 800 – technological fun and entertainment, new trends on Hi-News .






What kind of fan of fiction does not like the space star "Star Wars"? The Danish company LEGO famous throughout the world for its designers for children and their parents, has always respected film-lovers and animation . The company previously produced designers based on the famous Hollywood franchises, including Star Wars. But this time the designers of LEGO have surpassed themselves. The model of the legendary spaceship "Millennium Falcon" was announced, consisting of 7,541 parts.

Almost 90-centimeter model of the Millennium Falcon will surely appeal not only to the fans of the Star Wars, but also to amateurs of designers. On sale this kit will be delivered on October 1 at an impressive price of $ 800. The model of the ship includes all the interior spaces that we saw in the films, as well as several protagonists of the original and modern trilogy, including Khan Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, C-3PO, BB-8, Ray and Finn.

Below we suggest that you take a look at the first pictures of this model, as well as get acquainted with the preview videos.

                  LEGO announces the model of the "Millennial Falcon" for $ 800










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