OUKITEL K3 против «Капитана Америки»: кто кого? –
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OUKITEL K3 против «Капитана Америки»: кто кого? –

OUKITEL K3 against "Captain America": who is whom? –




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The Chinese company OUKITEL recently announced a pre-sale promotion, within which it is possible to order a new smartphone OUKITEL K3 at a special price. This device has four cameras and is characterized by a solid design, designed for business people. However, his dignity does not end there.

The device is also equipped with a battery capacity of 6000 mAh, which is supplemented by optimized software. According to the manufacturer, this configuration allows the device to work without recharging for a very long time. Recently this statement was verified in the laboratory.

Having turned on the video camera, the company's employees started the popular movie "Captain America" ​​on the fully charged OUKITEL K3 and began to monitor the behavior of the smartphone. An hour later, the charge was reduced by only 3%, in two hours – by 6%, and after the completion of the entire film lasting 2 hours and 16 minutes, the indicator showed 85% of the charge.

The company claims that the device's charge will last for 15 hours watching high-quality video at maximum brightness and loudness, and we tend to believe it. If you also want to appreciate all the advantages of OUKITEL K3, you can order this smartphone on product page at an extremely low price – only $ 13.99.

                  OUKITEL K3 against "Captain America": who is whom?










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