SpaceX впервые запустила сверхсекретный экспериментальный самолет ВВС США
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SpaceX впервые запустила сверхсекретный экспериментальный самолет ВВС США

SpaceX company for the first time brought to the surface a top-secret experimental UAV drone under the name X-37B. The first stage of the Falcon 9 missile successfully landed 16 times on the site of the Air Force Base at Cape Canaveral. The successful launch of a top-secret American apparatus can not but strengthen the relationship between SpaceX and the US military. At the same time, the aircraft was designed and assembled by Boeing, which, together with Lockheed Martin, is part of the United Launch Alliance joint venture and in some ways has been robust in competing with SpaceX.

The destination of the X-37B is unknown. Experimental drone is enveloped in a veil of rumors.

The plane itself is not the first time in the sky. X-37B, or Boeing X-37, is a space-based unmanned aerial vehicle on solar panels. Not only did he set a record of being in orbit, having spent 678 days there without interruption, so still no one really knows (except for the American government, of course) what he did there all these days. The device was previously launched into orbit in May 2015 by the US Air Force, and no one can answer what the task before him was.


According to Spaceflightnow.com, the US Air Force was to experience a shunting jet engine called Hall. It is reported that it is designed to improve the performance of military communications satellites AEHF. In Hall installations with a capacity of 4.5 kilowatts, the thrust is developed due to electricity and xenon. The advantage of using electric traction is that xenon fuel is lighter than traditional hydrazine. Also there were rumors that the X-37B was carrying a new electromagnetic EM Drive engine, which is remotely tested by scientists on the ground without the influence of gravity and other forces that could reduce the level of purity of the experiments. And yet, the secret UAV is more likely to experience technologies that will expand the US capabilities for global espionage.

What will be dealt with by the new top-secret US aircraft is also unknown. And, apparently, it is not necessary to know.



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